Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Different ideas - Looking for something

Lately, I have been looking for something to push my envelop of my jewelry designs.  

My Awareness bracelet for Heart Awareness while pretty didn't push any boundaries. 

 Nor did the Blue Medicine Feathers design push my designing abilities.

I really want to figure out what I can do to push my designing abilities.  I am not sure it is materials, style, color, what, but I feel I am okay in the place I am and people are buying my designs, but there is this desire to create something of a WOW factor.  

Where to start?  I don't want to add yet another expensive aspect to my creations by learning metal clay or lampwork right now.  I plan on it when I have a big enough space/studio to do such.  

The below piece was an experiment in pushing boundaries by using these what I thought originally were ugly beads (Mother of pearl shavings with purple dye overtones).  However with the Amethyst and Copper, the design really turned out well.

I have these ides where I move away from the symmetry I do now to something off center, slightly daring, but when I sit down at my workbench, the beads want to be uniformed, elegant, organized.   I've fiddled with a few custom lampwork pieces I have that are not balanced, but I can't seem to find the voice I have with the beads when I follow the normal path.

I just really want to create WOW pieces.