Saturday, April 5, 2014

Preface to Upcoming Blog Series on Network and Craft Artists (Jewelry Designers and Card Makers)

First let me open by saying I'm still learning about all the wonderful tools and ideas the internet continues to bring forth daily. I do not claim to be an expert on this subject but just a student of continued learning.  So not matter how much I know, there is someone who might and does know more than me on the subject.  

But – I have a very unique perspective not a lot of folks do not have on the subject of Computer Social networking.  

I’m a dino in this space, old school and I am female, which for a long time, was a novelty in this virtual space at one time. 

First of all, contrary to the marketroids - Social networking is not new.  

Think about conventions, business cards, social gatherings, exchanging phone numbers, workouts – long before the internet was around.  Social networking is just the ability to connect to someone of like mind and exchange ideas, thoughts, processes or activities. 

For more, see - .

Computer Social networking specifically has been around since the early 80s with Bulletin boards UseNet, Textual Mu*s  with  people sharing ideas, thoughts and interacting through computers in rooms, newsfeeds and real time multi-user systems. These systems provided the ability to meet and interact with new people, who in turn shared new ideas, thoughts and activities and expanded to meet other new people.

This upcoming series will explore the different Computer social networks and how to utilize them for the Jewelry / Beaded craft designer; the strengths, weaknesses as well as tips and tricks how to utilize these in unison without saturating and overloading your potential connections.

Before you have a sale – you need to connect, and connecting is what Social networking is all about.   But not all social networks work the same, or have the same outcomes with the connections. 

This weeks pretty SRJD Treasury from Etsy

PS. My lovely Daughter is bringing into the world today my granddaughter Lily.  I'm so excited.