Friday, May 9, 2014

The craft that bounces about

My muse bounces between two craft worlds, Beading and Paper.

I'm trying to mix them but beaded paper craft is tricky and paper beads are interesting...but..

However, I took a huge leap forward in my paper craft tonight I think.  This time I made a multi-fold, multi-cut, Mothers Day card for my Mother-in-law.  My husband thinks I outdid myself.  I actually am tickled pink it came out as good as it did.

The outside was a bit tricky.  I did a box fold so the shutters slightly closed but not completely.  Learning how to do the Martha Steward box punches was a bit of a challenge. The butterflies were a ball to make.  I LOVE MY CUTTLEBUG.  I had the husband help pick out the papers and color.  I glittered the butterflies with this off whitelilac stardust.

The first inside layer is another box fold, matching the punch patter on the front.  I love how the smaller butterfly fit nicely on the butterfly paper I used to make the big blue one on the front cover.  I still haven't really gotten into ribbon mostly it just doesn't feel right.

I didn't have a die for the fence so I made my own paper cutting, then did this brush stroke to create a slight dark grain on it.  I could have used heavier stock for the fence but still it would have had a harder time doing the folds.  I  wanted flowers popping out from behind the fence, so the fence is raised and I tucked Mulberry flowers of spring colors with sparkly gems to make it pop.  Added a few smaller butterflies with the smallest die.

This is the back of the first layer fold that covers the garden. My husband always likes to write his own sentiments in his own hand writing on the cards we give to his folks.  This time I gave him a lot more space to write.  I tied the top into the piece by doing a flower boarder on the same background paper I used for the garden.  I wish I had seen this paper before when I made the fence, it would have been a better choice but again, I love how it all worked out.

So that is My Mother-in-Law's Card.

I'm working on my Mom's next (yes I am late but I had two custom card orders that I needed to do first.)

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