Monday, August 4, 2014

Completely off topic - sorta - Following one's passion - A story of a Young Lady and her dream

It hasn't been until recently, like in the last three years, that I strongly believed that we must follow our passions in life, both personal (a given) and career. Doing something without passion for it, really destroys happiness

I've been following piece by piece my own passion of becoming a known Artist, crafts-person, as well as at some point want to open up an Institute to preserve and teach historical bead, paper, sewing craft techniques. Focusing on low to middle income folks who want to get into a trade.

I've known the Williams family since 1997. I have watched Elizabeth (Bear as she was called in the earlier years) grow up to be one very amazing person (thanks to her parents Cat Williams and Matt K Kringle Williams and her sibling, JA, Amber, Joil, Bryin, Cartwright).

Elizabeth has always had a passion for caring for animals, and a gentleness that I have only seen in a few folks when it comes to all animals. It her life goal to be a Veterinarian.

I know my daughter Chrystiana Lynn wanted to do that, and it is NOT cheap. I also know how long and hard road to achieve. Elizabeth has a lot of hurdles, Sciences, Math, Medical school, all ahead of her to achieve this goal. But, like her parents - she is a feisty, tenacious, determined young lady.

The Williams have always been a generous family, opening their doors to strangers, adopting an entire set of siblings who lost both their mother and father in a short period of time (They were exchange students), helping others out when they lost everything with Katrina, the list goes on. They believe, like I do, in pay forward and it shall return when you most need it.

Last few years - the Williams have experienced a serious life changing set of events, including Matt's heart attack. Both Matt and Cat are working towards their degrees themselves, making another great positive contribution to society with what they plan on doing with their degrees. But the money is extremely tight with them. And because they had no insurance = they are still paying off Matt's medical bills.

Now; why am I writing this

Thanks to the twinkiness of the government, Elizabeth's funding for her college education took a significant south turn. This has jeopardized her starting this fall and being able to even continue.

If some clown can get 55k for wanting to make potato salad, all because of social media passing around, and the link went viral, I figured why not see if we can get this to go viral!

I know there are those who will help contribute to something far more reaching, far more important, strangers out there who believe the same - Pay forward and this definitely is something that Pays forward.

Help us Help Elizabeth fulfill her dreams.
Please share (

Thank you

Ronni Eloff

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