Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nice to be featured for a change

I do a lot of Etsy treasuries (some posted here for example) and sometimes the group remembers to include me.  But it is really a nice surprise when someone I don't know at all includes something of my work in their Treasury, like today - Etsy Treasury - Join Team Vintage USA

I never had considered my designs Vintage, but looking over some of them, I can see how they could be considered Vintage.  - It was a nice feeling to see this, this morning.

Speaking of Treasuries - it is Tuesday, meaning my weekly SRAJD Etsy Treasury.  This one was a bit of a challenge, since I wanted to do something that hadn't been done in a long time.  Looking over the SRAJD Treasuries Pinterest Board, I realized a very basic combo hasn't been done in a LONG while.

SO -- here's SRAJD Tuesday Treasury - Black -n- White

These are all amazing designs.  Very inspiring that is for sure.

Speaking of designs - SRAJD has a lovely contest each month - themed designs.  I am working on two pieces for this months' design.  But the competition so far is TOUGH.  This is just this month so far for entries.  I have an idea for June 23rd Angkor wat, Cambodia and one for June 30th Marble Caves, Chile. I will post later today on both these ideas and sorta a working journal on how to become inspired - but in the mean time these are the two pictures that are inspiring me for these two weeks.

For Marble Caves, Chile (Picture Credit: Jorge Leon Cabello)

For Angkor wat, Cambodia (Picture Credit: Sam Garza)

Hopefully these two pictures will help guide me to what I want to do.  I have most of the components for the first one.  Today I am looking for the components for the second picture.  Either Agate or Carnelian for the Orange, Aventurine or lampwork green for the other main color.  I have the temple pieces in antique bronze.  It should prove interesting.  More in my next blog entry.

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